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Pensacola: Fiesta of Five Flag Parade

I’ve never lived anywhere with so many parades, and as Pensacola cools down a little and an offshore breeze blows away the heat of the day, a parade sounds like fun. Tonight is the Fiesta of Five Flags Parade. I can’t think of a parade since Lent, so maybe this is the kick off of the new season. Pensacola has an active and lively social scene, with all these Mardi Gras Krewes, and the older our grandson gets, the more of the parade we get to see! I think we got through three quarters of the parade tonight, and oh what fun.

The people on the floats are having a great time. They have these great alter-egos, get to wear elaborate costumes, and there may be some alcohol involved, LOL. The people on the ground are having a great time, you can really get into the waving and trying to catch the beads. Some of the beads are prettier than others, but as AdventureMan says, it’s all plastic. Having said that, you should see him scramble! He is good at catching beads.

And oh my, they are so good to the kids, with stuffed toys, beads, ice cream bars, frisbees, trinkets, including pieces of eight!

Honestly, there are some things in life I will never get tired of – parades and fireworks. I feel so blessed to live in Pensacola.

These photos are not in the right order because I just did a group dump into the photo gallery, and it scrambled them when they were inserted into the blog entry.

The parade always starts with the Pensacola motorcycle police, with flashing lights and roaring engines!


I love that they decorate the horses tails:


And then AdventureMan pointed out they also rubbed glitter into the horses haunches to make them pretty 🙂

So many beads! We got to the parade a mere ten minutes before it began, but it was more lightly attended, and we were able to be right up front. Our little grandson had a great view, and people were so kind giving him beads, throwing him beads, toys, etc.



Look at all those beads they plan to throw! There was a throne on this float with King Tut!




These ladies were having a grand time!


The Mayoki Indians seemed to be the Krewe having the best time of all, with two floats loaded with beads, and more ‘foot Indians’ handing and throwing beads into the crowds:






The flame throwing baton twirler got lots of applause:









We saw our little grandson rubbing his eyes and asked if he was ready to go home, and he was. One of these days he will be old enough we will see an entire parade. I had a minor concern that Tropical Storm Andrea would blow in bad weather and make the parade unlikely, but nothing of the sort, we had great weather, a lovely evening and a wonderful time making good memories with our little grandson.

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  1. Love these photos….they remind me of the parade we saw while i was there. You live in a lively city, for sure!

    Comment by Grammy | June 10, 2013 | Reply

  2. LOL, there were some comments in the PNJ about the Miyoke Indians maybe having had too much fire water, LOL! Any time you want to come back for another Parade, Grammy, you know I’m game 🙂

    Comment by intlxpatr | June 10, 2013 | Reply

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