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Good Marketing Campaigns – What’s Your Favorite?

“Red Robin!” I sang, and AdventureMan responded “YUMMMMMMMM!” I had mentioned I am getting ready for my annual hamburger, and he became obsessed with Red Robin and we had to go there. I had the Whiskey River Chicken Salad. If I only have one hamburger a year, I want it closer to the 4th of July. It doesn’t have to make sense to you, but it matters to me. If you only eat one hamburger a year, it has to be a really good hamburger. 🙂

Back to the “YUMMMMMMM!”

Now, that’s good marketing. There is nothing not good about “YUMMMMMMM”

A campaign where you train people to think “YUMMMMM!” every time you hear Red Robin – brilliant!

We love good marketing. We love good ads; we notice good ads and good marketing techniques. We also scorn the bad ones.

Here’s what we love:

Mayhem – the entire series for Allstate, also the Allstate commercials when suddenly the black-guy-who-was-President-in-24’s voice comes out of an unlikely person.

Gecko/Geico – anytime you smile and you remember who the ad is for, that’s a good ad.

“What’s in Your Wallet?” Those hilarious Vikings make the point for Capitol One.

There are ads we like, but they don’t win our awards because while we like them, we can’t remember who they are for. If you can’t remember who an ad is for, the ad isn’t effective.

Campaigns I hate:

COX TV ads, all of them, just dumb.

Direct TV ads, just dumb.

Toilet Paper ads

As you can imagine, AdventureMan and I can have this conversation over a lot of long-distance drives and over a lot of meals.

So – what’s your favorite ad campaign? And why? Worst?

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