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Why Did He Choose Me?

I do admit I admire the creativity of the people who send these out. This one isn’t at all creative, very straight forward, but neither is there a hook, unless, oh yeah, free money. Do the words “too-good-go-be-true” ring a bell?

Grammar, sentence structure and phrasing:  Sparse, but not bad

Content: Weak. Bank of France – in what country? Why transfer out these funds? Why did you choose me?

Appeal: None


 Please reply me with this email:

Hello Friend,

I need your assistance in transferring a deceased client fund worth of 
$18,500,000.00 Million US Dollars out of my Bank here in French central bank 
(Banque de France).

If interested, kindly respond back to me immediately for further details on my 
proposed transaction.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Christian Noyer

Governor, French central bank (Banque de France)

Once again please reply me with this email:

June 28, 2013 - Posted by | Crime, Lies, Scams

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