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There are some great things about being with family. You know how things are done. You know what people mean when they say things. You exchange ‘looks.’

When I am with my family, there are some funny things that make me feel at home. Both my sisters have smashing views, one looking southeast at Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier and the other at Puget Sound and the Olympics. Growing up on the side of a mountain with a view of water, game and mountains, it just feels ‘right.’ Not a lot of mountains in Florida to build a house on the side of. Or to view . . . sigh.

Staying at my sister’s house, I was the last one up. My body time was two hours earlier then all of theirs, but I was the last one up. They are early-to-rise people. I totally love it – for so many years, I’ve been an early riser living in countries where the day starts around noon and runs well past midnight . . . especially during Ramadan. In Kuwait, I took photos of the sunrises for this blog; my friends told me it was the only sunrise they ever saw, LOL.

Being around other early risers – aw, what a joy. As I left the house for the airport, Little Diamond was already up eating breakfast and I was able to hug her one last time before departing.

The photo above is the view of the I-90 bridge crossing Lake Washington in a cool, breezy pre-dawn.


August 6, 2013 - Posted by | Cultural, ExPat Life, Family Issues, Living Conditions, Seattle, sunrise series, Travel, Weather


  1. I loved seeing you for that last hug! and looool about the sunsets, too. When I lived in Beirut I remember one friend saying: “often, I’m going home around dawn and I think of you, and the fact that your day is already starting.” 🙂

    Comment by adiamondinsunlight | August 6, 2013 | Reply

    • LLOOLLL Professor Little Diamond, did you know that getting up early is supposed to be one of the habits of successful people 🙂

      Comment by intlxpatr | August 6, 2013 | Reply

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