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Some Peeks in Edmonds, Washington

You would love Edmonds, Washington.

It is a picturesque village. Along Main Street, and Fifth Avenue there are corner gardens, maintained by the city. This year, they are planted primarily with white flowers, big, fluffy flowers which make all the other flowers POP! with color. Overhead, from the lamp posts, are huge hanging baskets, full of a variety of plants, mostly purples, blues and fuchsias. The overall effect is stunning.

On our way to her manicure-pedicure, I drove Mom around looking at the sights. Down at the Edmonds Beach, I was shocked to see an eagle, perched on a piling. The shot isn’t very good, I jumped out of the car in a hurry and snapped, not taking enough time, but I was so surprised – I had never seen an eagle there before.


After lunch, as we headed out, we saw people touching up one of the murals Edmonds has painted on the sides of buildings there:


Here is another one, nearby:


I love it that this sweet little town, with its ferry coming faithfully in and out, preserves its identity and character in the face of changing times.

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