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Driftwood Inn, Homer, Room 26 and Cabin

Homer greets us with a beautiful sunrise over the beach, and we can’t wait to get started.


This was such a lovely place to spend some time. It didn’t hurt that from the time we left Kodiak, the weather has been gorgeous. Gorgeous is not something you can count on in Alaska. It was nice having a break from the boat, being on our own to explore, and having such a beautiful view to write notes while I did the laundry.

What was so totally cool is that while you do have to pay for the washer and the dryer, and I don’t mind that, it’s only fair, the management provides a big jar of detergent.

Have you ever been traveling and wanted to do laundry only to realize you needed to go buy some detergent, or to have change to use those machines that distribute detergent, but sometimes don’t work when you need them to? What an annoyance! I so appreciated their providing detergent; it may seem like a small thing, but it made doing the laundry so easy.

Cold country dressing is so totally different from warm weather dressing. In warm weather, you really have to do a lot more laundry, sweat makes clothes need washing more often. In cold weather, unless it is rainy, you can end up wearing the same outer clothes multiple times before they need washing. Most of what we needed to wash was socks and underwear, but also my favorite jeans and t-shirts. I had others, but you know how it is, you have your favorites 🙂

Our room, #26 upstairs in a cabin separate from the Driftwood Inn but a part of it.


View from balcony:

Living and reading room

noticeboard prompting us to look for resident eagle

Stairway going up to our room (note antlers!)

Washer and dryer – and detergent!

view from downstairs

full kitchen area and dining available for use

As promised, eagle on turret 🙂

Eagle totally unfazed by our photo-taking 🙂

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