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Departing Homer for Kodiak and Chenega Bay

Did I mention departures can be ephemeral?


“As soon as possible” can take a long long time when you are boarding cars, motorcycles, even a grown-up tricycle, container vans, campers, R/vs of all shapes and sizes, trucks, and today we learn how it is done. This is truly a marvel of engineering. It must also take some amazing system to keep straight where every vehicle needs to go because they are getting off at different stops, so all the ones getting off at the same stop need to be stored together. Watching all this happen is amazing.

They have this turntable. Cars drive on, we think a maximum of six. The turntable also handles a maximum of one large container truck.

Cars drive on the elevated turntable:


Turntable begins to lower:

Cars reach main deck:

Turntable begins to turn:



A friendly otter kept us entertained while we waited for all the vehicles to board.


We were told this is one of the Homer small ferries to Kachemak National Park or to Seldovia:


It is another gorgeous day in Homer, and even early in the morning, fishermen and women are on the beach:


It’s a beautiful departure, and somewhere between Homer and Kodiak, we run into a heavy mist near sunset:


We departed late and will be getting into Kodiak late, so late we sleep right through it. Before we know it, we are departed from Kodiak and en route to Chenega Bay and Whittier.

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