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Pensacola Ale House ReVisit

“I’ll have what she’s having!” I laughed, as I parroted the famous line from When Harry Met Sally. As soon as we were seated, I could smell the sauce on the shrimp pasta; garlicy, spicy, oh yummm.

“She has the light sauce, you want that?” asks the waiter.

“Exactly what she is having,” I repeat. The smell is driving me crazy.

When it arrives, it IS all that. It tastes even better than it smells. There is so much of it that I take half home for dinner some night. Fabulous. AdventureMan had the hamburger. He said it was good, but . . . not McGuires. Not Red Robin.



Mostly we avoid chains, and the Ale House is a kind of a chain. We prefer local places. On the other hand, their food is reliably good, and now and then we even have a great meal. My Shrimp with light sauce was great.

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