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Brother’s BBQ

It’s getting close to Christmas, and AdventureMan had asked that I take a ride with him to check out Earth Products, and then have lunch with him at Brother’s BBQ. Between you and me, AdventureMan is purely a sucker for BBQ, but he took me to Tudo’s for lunch yesterday, my Pensacola comfort food, and it isn’t a struggle for me to enjoy a good BBQ, so I was happy to make him happy today. 🙂

It’s what I love about AdventureMan. He totally gets me. He grumbles now and then about how hard I am to buy for. He tells our friends “she doesn’t want diamonds, just picks out a house now and then.”

But today’s trips to Earth Products was totally worth it. Earth Products has all kinds of landscaping supplies, including glorious pots! Not the pots you find in the big box stores, but pots that remind me of the Middle East. Great big pots. Urns. Pots that might have stored olive oil in another life, or hidden Ali Baba’s thieves. Pots with elephants on them. Wonderful pots, just exactly the pots for my front porch and the rosemary bushes I want. I almost danced with glee at the number of wonderful pots.

It is a wonderful day, not too hot, not too cold and when we get to Brother’s BBQ, we decide to sit outside.


Sitting outside has an additional benefit – they are in the process of preparing the chicken and the brisket. They are smoking it right now. The aromas are heavenly.

The porch is a very friendly place to sit, we discover. It’s amazing how many people have discovered Brothers BBQ. They are close to the Navy Base, and have a lot of loyal military customers, but they also have a lot of local and corporate customers, and retired folk popping by. They have dining in, they have carry-out, and they also cater. There is a large area for eating outside, as well as on the porch.



You can see what they offer on your placemat:


AdventureMan ordered his usual – BBQ Pulled Pork, with beans and coleslaw:


I ordered my usual, a dark quarter BBQ chicken, with beans and slaw:


It was excellent. Give it a try when you are on the west side of town. You can’t miss them, they are where you find the huge column of mouth-watering smoke just off Gulf Beach Highway:

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 1.45.27 PM

3309 Gulf Beach Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32507
(850) 455-4744

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“I’m Sonny’s Granddaughter”

AdventureMan and I have had a small adventure, filled with unexpected moments of fun and interest. Returning yesterday from a four day conference in Orlando, we knew we needed to stop for some lunch, and did not want to repeat our experience on the way down, when we said to ourselves that we weren’t going for great; adequate would do. It was just a pit stop, get off, get gassed, get food, get back on the road.

“There’s a Cracker Barrel,” I said, and it was just off the road, easy on and off.

Never again. Service was great. Our meals were worse than OK. The menu was full of things I never eat. The salad I ordered had a very weird tasting salad dressing. I couldn’t wait to get out of there, and we both felt a little sick later in the day – it was awful. Never again.

Yesterday, on our way back, AdventureMan did the spotting, and saw a Sonny’s BBQ sign. It was easy on and off, and Sonny’s is always predictably good.

“We don’t normally like chains,” AdventureMan said, “but Sonny’s is really good, and the food is real food.”

“It’s a small chain,” I amended, “not like Chili’s or all those others.”

“I don’t think it’s that small,” AdventureMan said, as I parked.

We were seated immediately, ordered, and chatted a little with our waitress. AdventureMan asked her how many Sonny’s there were, and told her how we’ve been eating at Sonny’s since we lived in the Tampa Bay area several years ago. She told us – it was over 150 – so not a small chain, but a good sized regional chain. Then she added the kicker:

“I’m Sonny’s granddaughter.”

What a delight! We were able to ask he to tell her grandpa how much we enjoy his food. We were actually near, but not at, the very first Sonny’s BBQ ever. At Thanksgiving, as you know, we go out of town, but we always have a Sonny’s smoked turkey to pick up when we get back – they are so good.

We really like barbecue. There are so many good BBQ places in Pensacola, and we hit them all 🙂 but Sonny’s has a level of comfort that finds us heading back time after time. Meeting Sonny’s granddaughter was just icing on the cake.

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Cypress Hotel, Cupertino

Woooo Hoooooooo! The gang’s all here! When I arrived at the hotel (once again, my license was “declined” at the rental car agency. I showed them my brand new sparkling license and they said that it wasn’t in the system yet. Oh, I love bureaucracy! It just took more time.)

Here are a couple shots from my short two hour flight on Alaska airlines:

But oh, I am in heaven. No more rain, temperatures in the 70’s with a stiff breeze. The freeways aren’t crowded – at least not when I was driving in – I had the windows down, the wind blowing through my hair and I remember how much I LOVE California. Thanks to GoogleEarth, I have the exact directions to the hotel, including fractions of miles travelled, and I get here without any mishap. There is ample parking. The reception is cordial and efficient, and . . . there is a big plate of chocolate chip cookies waiting to greet the guests.

My room is a hoot. The only thing missing is . . . AdventureMan. Oh, AdventureMan, you would love this place.

At 5, there is wine in the lobby. This week, ironically, it is wines from Washington State, which are good, but I just came from there! As it turned out, the red wine I had was excellent. The gang gathered, laughing and exchanging family lore, welcoming the bride into our very geeky and kookie family.

Now I have to apologize. We all went out and ate barbeque. I was SO hungry, I forgot to take photos. My bad.

This is the view from my room at sunset:

Today, we are doing a tour of Google! Wooooo HOOOOOOO!

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