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I finally found Jasmine in a non-black chair, and she has become used to me, and didn’t run away! This morning, as I fed her, she even rolled over in joy! I’ve gained her trust!

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Shooting Tux

One of my sister’s cats won’t stay still – or when he does settle down, his favorite chair is black, he is black – not such a great shot.

Shooting Tux is a challenge. He spent quite a while with me yesterday as I wrapped packages, and I had to shoot about twelve shots to finally get one that worked – he moves too fast. Here are some samples of “shooting Tux.”

Wrong angle:

Typical shot – he moves too fast!

And he gets too close!

Finally, one clear shot. It’s all I need:

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The Qatteri Cat Makes the Bed

As quietly as I can, I take the sheets out of the linen closet and into the bedroom. Almost silently, I strip off the old sheets, and pillowcases. I stuff the pillows into new pillowcases, and then quietly, quietly I unroll the bottom sheet. I don’t dare give it a shake and a whip to get the wrinkles out; the Qatteri Cat might hear.

Slowly, I put the first corner on the bed, and move to the second, but it is too late. Although dead in sleep, the Qatteri Cat has detected the sound of sheets, and has made a bee-line for the bedroom.

He wants to help. He jumps into the middle of the bed, then, thankfully, he moves to one corner. I get three corners settled on the mattress, and something intrigues him to move to the center of the bed, so I can get the fourth corner.


Now, for the part the Qatteri Cat loves the best. The top sheet! I shake the sheet out and it drapes over the Qatteri Cat. He is in ecstacy; “No one can see me!” he purrs.)


He makes a quick dash for safety as I start to put on the quilt, rushing back to the corner of the bed. I arrange the quilt around him and walk away – if I am not there for him to obstruct, he loses interest quickly.


He thinks it is a game we play. He is sad when it is finished. He brings Dolly in to the finished bed and grieves that I won’t play the bed-making-game with him any more.


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