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Cypress Hotel, Cupertino

Woooo Hoooooooo! The gang’s all here! When I arrived at the hotel (once again, my license was “declined” at the rental car agency. I showed them my brand new sparkling license and they said that it wasn’t in the system yet. Oh, I love bureaucracy! It just took more time.)

Here are a couple shots from my short two hour flight on Alaska airlines:

But oh, I am in heaven. No more rain, temperatures in the 70’s with a stiff breeze. The freeways aren’t crowded – at least not when I was driving in – I had the windows down, the wind blowing through my hair and I remember how much I LOVE California. Thanks to GoogleEarth, I have the exact directions to the hotel, including fractions of miles travelled, and I get here without any mishap. There is ample parking. The reception is cordial and efficient, and . . . there is a big plate of chocolate chip cookies waiting to greet the guests.

My room is a hoot. The only thing missing is . . . AdventureMan. Oh, AdventureMan, you would love this place.

At 5, there is wine in the lobby. This week, ironically, it is wines from Washington State, which are good, but I just came from there! As it turned out, the red wine I had was excellent. The gang gathered, laughing and exchanging family lore, welcoming the bride into our very geeky and kookie family.

Now I have to apologize. We all went out and ate barbeque. I was SO hungry, I forgot to take photos. My bad.

This is the view from my room at sunset:

Today, we are doing a tour of Google! Wooooo HOOOOOOO!

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