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Disturbing Change

Late yesterday, I was online on AOL checking my e-mails. I often do, Law and Order Man comes online around that time in Pensacola and we can grab a quick chat.

Only Instant Messaging didn’t show up on my screen. I took care of business, and went on to other things. We don’t chat every day, just when we can.

Today, I noticed again – I don’t have AIM. I have a couple other ways to check in online, so I tried them. No AIM. Finally, I tried iChat, which also logs into AIM. It showed me logged in, it also showed no contacts.

My other AOL entry route didn’t show the Buddy Screen, even when I asked it to repeatedly.

I am hoping this is a little AOL glitch, temporary.

You don’t think Instant Messaging is being blocked in Kuwait, do you?

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