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Rare Occurrence

Yesterday morning, on the way to the airport, I was taking a different route, a more travelled route, but early in the morning, so early, most of the routes are more lightly travelled.

There were none of the weaving wonders I normally experience.

I experienced a new phenomenon, very very slow drivers.

I don’t know why there were so many people driving really really slow on fast roads. They were all in the very far right lane. I wondered if they were falling asleep, they were so slow. And then I remembered . . . when I first came to Kuwait, the traffic terrified me. I would get up very very early and go out and drive, to try to learn the roads, but I always stayed in the right lane, and I was going pretty slow.

I don’t know if they were new drivers – there were a lot of slow drivers on the road. Maybe they were sleepy, or incapacitated in some other way. Or maybe they were new, terrified drivers like I used to be.

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Kuwait Driving Laws Enforced in Hawali

AdventureMan and I have a running disagreement. I say more people are pulling over to make calls, or using headsets. He says he sees people using mobile phones all the time. (He would not agree to a spot survey of the cars around us, but we also noticed fewer children in the front seats, very cool.)

I think traffic is improving in Kuwait. I see more people using seatbelts, fewer people weaving around while trying to talk on cell phones, and more people using turn signals. I see less endangering behaviors.

Am I being too optimistic here?

From the Arab Times:

250 citations issued: Hawalli police launched an intensive campaign and issued 250 citations to motorists for not wearing seatbelts and another 50 for using mobile phones while driving, reports Arrouiah daily.

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“Whirling Chaff”

From Psalm 83
Verse 13
O my God, make them like whirling dust,*
like chaff before the wind.

Reading the Lectionary readings for today I came across this verse in the very first reading. It brought a grin to my face.

Lent continues. The Lord sends me out in my car almost daily, in spite of my best laid plans. I struggle to keep my resolution not to call – not to even THINK – bad names at the fools on the road who cause disruption, chaos and pain. It helps to have a substitute in mind, so I have something I CAN say instead of just struggling NOT to say the words that immediately come to mind.

The above verse will do nicely – don’t you think?

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