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Phones, Computers and Blackberries

You can hear his loud voice all through the lounge.

“You have my blackberry!” he says when someone answers the phone. “I left it in the restaurant. How can I get it back?” (pause) “I’m in the lounge.”

Within minutes, two security men are in the lounge, checking his ID and handing over his blackberry.

“We had a difficult time trying to find you, sir,” says the polite, but firm, security guy, in a loud, carrying voice. “Let me make a suggestion that will make your life easier if you ever lose it again. In your contacts, put YOUR name first. You can put two spaces before your last name, and then your last name will be at the head of the list. That is the smartest way to make sure people can return your lost electronics.”

I look around. Half the people in the lounge are quickly inputting their names, with two spaces, into their phones, computers and personal data devices.

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