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Zapote in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

It’s dark, and we’ve been outdoors for hours so we are hungry again. AdventureMan knows what he wants; his favorite comfort food is Mexican. We turn into Zapote and we know we have come to the right place – there are lots of customers, and they look like locals.

We order, and the first surprise is the iced tea – it comes in pitchers! It’s a lot of tea:

I order Camerones (Shrimp) Diablo and AdventureMan orders Carne Asada. Both real good. 🙂

No, I don’t know why it came with french fries, and no, I didn’t eat them. 🙂

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Sad Farewells

Now comes the sad part – the post-wedding let down. We all have to leave.

I am lucky, my son and daughter-in-law have flights around the same time as mine, so we meet early, grab some coffee and head for the airport. I am feeling choked and desolate; I enjoy their company so much and I hate to say good-bye.

“Don’t worry,” my daughter-in-law tells me as my son goes off to buy his breakfast once we have all checked in, “we know how hard these good-byes are for you and we understand. And we will see you again soon!”

Son comes back and DIL and I head over to pick up our breakfast – and oh, yummy, breakfast burritos!

We get the basic burritos, with chorizo sausage. Oh, to die for!

But imagine! These are sauces for the breakfast burritos, and they range from hot to super super hot!

Our gates our close, and my flight starts loading almost as soon as I arrive, which is a good thing, because I am about to die from desolation. I already miss them so much!

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Winter Storm at Taqueria Guaymas

“I think you had better drive me to the airport,” Adventure Man said as the flakes came down more thickly and stuck.

I just laughed.

“The time to have driven to the airport was this morning,” I replied. “Have you even packed?”

(I knew he hadn’t!)

“The snow is coming down too hard right now. It’s supposed to be better in the morning.”

As the snow came down, harder and thicker, he tried to call all the airport shuttle companies, but they were all fully booked – or not answering.

“How about one last Mexican dinner?” he asked.

We went to one of our favorite hands-down authentic Mexican restaurant, Taqueria Guaymas. Adventure Man had a combo, which you will see photographed below, and I had the shrimp with garlic, but I was so hungry I just ate them and forgot to take their picture!

(This is not taken during the snow-storm)

Can you read the menu? It is the honest-to-God real thing:

Adventure Man’s Chili Colorado combo, and look at that salsa – very limey, lots of cilantro, and hot peppers – oh WOW:

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