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AOL Mailbox Scam



This one almost gets me every time. I always check the details – that does not look like an authentic AOL Team e-mail address. These scammers are sometimes better than other times.


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Scary Phishing

I received this letter today from Bank of America:

Dear Customer,

We have received an order by phone from you or someone other than you to make changes to one or more of your Bank Of America Online Banking Profile.

If you did not authorize this change(s) please Sign On to your Bank Of America Online Banking and verify/cancel this change.
Sign On below and verify your details and ensure to be accurate. Also, note that entering invalid entries to your details will lead to Online Account lock down.
For your security we have issued this

Click Online Banking Sign On . (this was in hypertext)

Kind regards.
Security Advisor,

Copyright 2010 Bank Of America. All Rights Reserved.

It had the right logo, and purported to be from

OOps! I need to deny the changes were made by me? Just click right here?

No no no!

I forwarded this e-mail to:

Who replied with a letter confirming that it was, indeed, a scam.

If you get letters like this pretending to be from your bank, do not click on anything in the letter, but go online to your bank’s online fraud section, get the e-mail address and forward the letter to them. The banks are fighting a bitter battle to protect their customers, and the sooner they know the newest scams, the sooner they can scourge the earth to eliminate these monsters, who will steal your identity and your property and your cash if you let them.

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