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The Church Brew Pub and Downtown Pittsburgh

Now this is courage. In a strange town, one set of friends says they know a great place for lunch, and we need to come through this tunnel to come out for a great view of Pittsburgh. And, they volunteer to be the lead drivers. That takes courage.

It all went beautifully. We made all the right entrances and exits, and while our route was a little eccentric, so as to take advantage of a particular view, we got where we intended to go, wooo hoooo.

Here are some views of downtown Pittsburgh:

Our goal for lunch was the Church Brew Works, where these friends had eaten a few days before with our Doha-Pittsburgh friends.

It’s an old Catholic church, de-consecrated, de-sanctified, now a restaurant and micro-brewery.

Here’s what you see when you enter:

Here’s brewery works, in the old Sanctuary:

Here’s the indoor dining area:

And here is where you can eat outside, in the hops garden, with a feel a lot like Germany:

This is the bar area and souvenier sales:

The food was pretty good, not particularly memorable, but that is often the case where the setting takes precedence over everything else. One set of friends had the beer sampler, which they shared: 🙂

It was another of those great days. It didn’t matter where we went or what we ate, what mattered was doing it together.

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