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Scam Targets CitiBank Customers

Right. Just sign in and give this scammer all your identification data for CitiBank. And I am not even a CitiBank Customer, LOL.

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The Worst Scam Ever

This has got to be one of the worst scam-mails ever. From time to time, I get a scary one – something that looks and feels so genuine that it could fool someone not on guard against these phishing attempts.

This one is so poorly done, the grammar, the spelling – you have to wonder who sent it out and who on earth would respond???

Dear Nestle Beneficiary,

This is to informed you that Nestle Food has recently exposed their weak
Inconsistent to announce you as one of the 13 lucky winners on the ongoing
12 Years Nestle Food Promotion Award of the New Year Held on 1st of October
2009. Further more during electronic selected balloting of world wild email
Address for the promotion selected, your details (e-mail address) fall within
Our zone during the nestle food promotion as indicated in your Sending mails
and exchanging mails in the internet and your prize of ( 920,000.00GBP) this
will be released to you from the regional branch office in UK.

Your fund is now deposited with our delivery agent Company in United Kingdom
and it will be insured in your name after your information is provided.

Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you you keep this award
from public notice until your claim has been processed, and your winning
Cheque has being sent to you or remitted to your account, as this is part of
our security protocol, to avoid double claiming and unwarranted taking of
advantage of this program by participants, that has happened in the


To file for your claims please contact our Uk online fiduciary officer with
the information
1. Full Name: _____________
2. Address: ____________
3. Age: ____________
4. Occupation: _____________
5. Phone: __________
6. State of Origin: ___________
7. Country: _____________

Agent: Name:
Mr.Rafidah Hawazin

This is very advice able you reach contact via mail quickly.

Mrs. Ann Ray
Your cencarelly Online Co-ordinator.

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My / Your New Best Friend

Back when I was studying conversational Arabic, sometimes I would slip. I was supposed to say “Ana Taliba” (I am a student) when asked what my profession was, but in my exam, I slipped and said “Ana Taliban” which sent my teachers into gales of laughter. I was so embarrassed.

So Abdul Kareem Talib caught my attention this morning, by his name, but, sadly, I cannot take advantage of his kind offer. He doesn’t even have the courtesy to call me by name! And he includes his phone number, so I encourage any of you with too much time to kill to give him a call and chat him up. His e-mail is also there; for some reason he doesn’t mention he is writing out of Hong Kong.


Compliment of the day ,I am Abdul Kareem Talib the son of Lt Colonel Deng Aluk Naeem Talib Of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)led by Late Lieutenant Colonel John Garang Hinga can read moreon: about the war and problems ,having two distinct major cultures–Arab and Black African–with hundreds of ethnic and tribal divisions and language groups, which makes effective collaboration among them a major problem that led to several wars that is still going on now.

I am contacting you for the investment of the sum of US$7,300,000.00 [Seven Million and Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars] which was inherited by me ,before the unpleasant situation in my country that is going on now, have made up my mind to invest under your directives and financial control.

Please, I need your urgent reply, here is the telephone number you can reach me+66-8-45-666910 and reply by my e-mail.

Awaiting for your respond.

Best Regards.
Abdul Kareem Talib

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$5000 From HSBC

As if the poor grammar and spelling weren’t enough to give this scammer away, the line “to reduce the economy meltdown posed on the continent in general” seems overly generous for a bank, especially a bank I don’t have an account with who is willing to give me 5K, LLLOOLLL.

All I have to do is send him my financial particulars – to South Africa? Right? No, no thank you!

HSBC Bank plc.
ATM Card Department
HSBC Tower, 8 Canada Square,
Canary Wharf area of East London UK.

The HSBC Bank with directive from the world bank to release
funds through the ATM VISA CARD to some beneficiaries in
view to reduce the economy meltdown posed on the Continent in

The HSBC Bank London working in relationship with the World
Bank has concluded to issue you a VISA CARD with which you
can access your contract amount 5,000,000.00 USD. This card
center will send you an ATM card which you will use to withdraw
your money in any ATM machine in any part of the world, but the
maximum is FIVE Thousand Five Hundred United States
Dollars($5,500) per day. So if you like to receive your fund in this
way,please let us know by contacting the ATM payment department.

To file for your claim, please contact our ATM Dispatch personnel,
Contact Person: Mr. Dave Walker .
Email: ( )
Tel: +44-703197-9789
and also send the following information as listed below:

1. Full name
2. Phone and fax number
3. Address were you want them to send the ATM card to (p.o box
not acceptable)
4. Age
5. occupation
6. Nationality
7. country of residence

However for the purpose of proper verification of your Identity,
and other relevant information and release of your HSBC Visa ATM
Card to yo.

NOTE: You are not to reply this sender, you are to reply directly to with all you information for claims.
It is important you contact the office of the Director,
Debit Card Dept for a special payment at the above listed address or
directly reply to this Email.

(c) HSBC BANK 2009.

This message and attachments are subject to a disclaimer. Please refer
to for full
details. / Hierdie boodskap en aanhangsels is aan ‘n vrywaringsklousule
onderhewig. Volledige besonderhede is by beskikbaar.

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Princess Ouadraogo Writes To Intlxpatr for Financial Help, Risk Free

For the most part, I have stopped even sharing these, but this one is too funny. My message to those of you who have helpful hearts – any time a person who doesn’t know you, wants to share a fortune with you, and who requests:

“also i will like you to send all your bank informations where the fund will be transfered and your internatinal passport or driving licence and also send your photograph”


Hello and Greetings to you…

I am writing this letter in confidence believing that if it is the wish of God for you to help me and my family, God almighty will bless and reward you abundantly and you would never re-great this.

I am a female student from Burkina Faso University Teachings Hospitals (BUTH) Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou. I am 28 yrs old. I’d like any person who can be caring, loving and home oriented. I will love to have a long-term relationship with you and to know more about you.

I would like to build up a solid foundation with you in time coming if you
can be able to help me in this transaction. Well, my father died earlier eight
months ago and left I and my junior brother behind. He was a king, which our
town citizens titled him over sixteen years before his death. I was a princess
to him and I am the only person who can take care of his wealth now because my
junior brother is still young and my mother is not literate enough to know all
my father’s wealth.

He left the sum of $10.000,000.00US dollars. (TEN MILLION ) in a security
company. This money was annually paid into my late fathers account from Gold
Development Company (spdc) and chevron Oil Company operating in our locality
for the compensation of youth and community development in our jurisdiction. I don’t
know how and what I will do to invest this money somewhere in abroad, so that my
father’s kindred will not take over what belongs to my father and our family, which
they were planning to do without my present because I am a female as stated by our
culture in the town.

Now, If you can handle this project sincerely and also willing to assist me
in lifting this fund, kindly reach me immediately. Reasons. Please, note that
this matter is 100% risk free and i hope to commence this transaction as quick
as possible, and also i will like you to send all your bank informations where
the fund will be transfered and your internatinal passport or driving licence
and also send your photograph for me to built more trust on you. As soon i
recieve all these informations together with your photo then i will foward my
photograph and datas informations to you immediately.
yours sincerely,

Yours sincerely,

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Imagine That!

Today I am so honored. I received a letter from MR.JOHNSON TSVANGIRAI the son of
MR.MORGAN TSVANGIRAI leader of the MDC(Movement for Democratic Change) in
Zimbabwe. Imagine that! He is writing to me! And . . . he wants to share a LOT of money with me.

It must be because I love Africa so much – do you think? I mean, how did he get my name (Intlxpatr) and why else would he be so generous to me?

But I don’t really have the time right now, so I am passing along this “opportunity” to you. It claims to be from a Zimbabwean, but it sure sounds Nigerian scam to me!

Dear Sir/Madam,
With warm heart I offer my friendship and greetings, and I hope this mail meets
you in good time.I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance
and immense benefit and also sincerely seek your confidence, as I make this
proposal to you as a person of integrity.I am MR.JOHNSON TSVANGIRAI the son of
MR.MORGAN TSVANGIRAI leader of the MDC(Movement for Democratic Change) in

I got your contact through Network online in my search for a reliable and
reputable individual to handle a very confidential transaction which involves
the transfer of funds to a foreign account and I decided to write you because
of the present political situation in my country today which forced me to seek
political asylum in the Netherlands as instructed by my father because his life
has been threatened by the present leader of ZANU-PF (Zimbabwe African National
Union ? Patriotic Front) and president of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe,My
father who holds a seat in parliament presently in Zimbabwe envisaged this
crisis hence he had transfered most of his liquid funds to Johannesburg – South
Africa to deposit the sum of US$9.5 Million (Nine Million Five Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars)with a Security and Finance Company as if he
foresaw the looming political danger in Zimbabwe.

The money was deposited in a Box as valuables/Antiques to avoid much demurrage
from the Security and Finance Company. These funds where meant for the purchase
of New Machineries and Chemicals for Farms and the establishment of new farms
in Lesotho and Swaziland. The land and political problem arose when President
Robert Mugabe introduced a new land act that wholly affected the Rich White
Farmers and some few black farmers.we vehemently condemned the “Modus Operandi”
adopted by the government. This resulted to mob action by the war veterans and
some political thugs. Heads of governments from the west,especially
Britain,France and United States of America have voiced their condemnation of
Mugabe’s plan. Subsequently, South African Development Community (S.A.D.C) has
continuously supported President Mugabe’s new land act, it is against this
background that I and my family who were residing in South Africa have decided
to transfer my Father’s Estate Funds to the Netherlands.

As the eldest son of my Father, I am saddled with the responsibility of seeking
a genuine foreign partner that will participate in investing these Funds in a
Lucrative Business, These funds have been transferred without the knowledge of
my government who are tactically freezing our family’s wealth and South
Africa’s government seems to be applying the same policies as that of the
present government in Zimbabwe. I am faced with the dilemma of investing this
funds in South Africa for fear of encountering the same experience in future
since both countries have almost the same political history.
For more information concerning the brutality of the Mugabe government please
click this links:,8599,1833968,00.html

More so, the South African Foreign Exchange policy does not allow such
investment hence I have gone to the Netherlands to seek “POLITICAL ASYLUM”.As a
businessman I want to entrust my future and that of my family into your hands,
I must let you know that this transaction is 100% risk free and the nature of
your business does not necessarily matter. For your assistance, we are offering
you 20% of the total sum, 75% for Me and My Family while 5% will be mapped out
for any expenses we may incure during the course of this transaction. We wish
to invest our share of the money on commercial property based on your advice.

Finally, all we demand from you is assurance that you will not sit on this
funds when it finally gets to your personal or company’s account in your
country. If this proposal is acceptable by you, please confirm your interest
via Email and i shall forward for your perusal any documentations to satisfy
you that this project is Legitimate.

Thank you for your Anticipated Co-operation as I await your prompt response.
God bless.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr.Johnson Tsvangirai.
(For the TsvangiraiFamily).

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