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Bayou Sunset

You know me and water. I love the sun coming up over water. I love the sun going down over water.

On the Bayou, when the sun starts going down, the air gets all pink. I can’t even capture it with the camera. I see it, but the camera does not see it.

It has to do with a magical quality of light; I will probably be trying to capture it to my dying day.

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Doha Sunset

When I lived in Kuwait, every day I was thrilled by the sun coming up over the horizon. I never got tired of it.

Today, thanks be to God, I was out when the sun started getting low in the sky, and the colors have added dimensions – what a treat.

Some views of Doha at sunset:

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Menace on the Roads

LOL, AbdulAziz sent these fabulous close-to-sunset-in-Kuwait photos. Here is the first:

Isn’t that beautiful?

And here is the one taken just before it:

AbdulAziz, I hope you were at a stoplight when you took these photos! I imagine you driving down the road, camera in one hand, one eye on the photo and one on your rear view mirror and you might come into conflict with one of those bus drivers! Watch out!

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Evening Twist

Tonight I was unaccountably organized, and realized I had exactly 21 1/2 minutes to spare before dinner was finished cooking (something it could do in the oven all by itself with no additional help from me) and . . . the light was going to that almost-sunset shade of somewhere-between=pink=and=blue that mesmerizes me.

While out the window on the other side of the house, an apocalyptic sun is setting:

I am telling you, sunrise in Kuwait is a piece of cake. Sunset – now there is a challenge. You still have time. I know there are possibilities. Show me a beautiful sunset in Kuwait. Don’t be intimidated by AbdulAziz – he LOVES photography and has been shooting for a long time. Find your own unique point of view.

As you can see, it is a challenge for me, too. I don’t like industrial looking sunsets, which seem to be fairly standard in Kuwait. There has to be a fabulous sunset possible. There must be!

Meanwhile, did you notice in the almost-purple shot above, there are no fishing boats on the horizon? This is how it looked just an hour and a half ago:

So many boats! And minutes later – they are all gone! For nights, their lights have been a necklace across the horizon, and now they are gone. How do they know? I can still see patches of twitchy water – how do they know?

By the way – look at that sea! Look at the color! Look at the blue sky! Wooo hoooo, October in Kuwait!

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Sunset August 6, 2008, Oregon

I meant to post this one with the others and I forgot.

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Oregon Sunset

This is not your Kuwait sunrise – we are on the way far west coast, and what we get here, when we are on the water, is spectacular sunsets. I thought of you when I saw this sunset last night – and the sun set around 8:45 at night! I didn’t have the energy to share it with you last night, but I will share it with you now.

And just moments later, day is done:

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Sunset in Cupertino

This one was too good to pass up. Since I am not getting sunrise photos, I can share this sunset over Cupertino photo with you:

I can see that it is 113° F / 45°C in Kuwait. :-O

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Every Sunset is a Beautiful Sunset

We were walking along Clearwater Beach, in Florida with a couple who had been our friends for years. We have so many stories with this couple, stories that make us all double over in laughter.

There was the time we were dining at a castle in Germany, a very lovely place, and when we ordered dessert, it came . . . chocolate mousse, but carefully placed, a la nouvelle cuisine, and striped with a chocolate syrup. As it was being put before us, we didn’t dare to look at one another. Only when the waiter left did the giggles start, growing into full grown guffaws, as we laughed helplessly.

The mousse looked like dog poop.

My husband was laughing so hard he had trouble breathing for a while. The gales of laughter, the whoops of laughter continued as we remembered the utter shock as the dessert was placed before us. To this day, we still don’t know if this was seriously supposed to be haute cuisine or if it was some kind of German joke. It still makes us roll with laughter thinking of the horrified surprise we each felt, and our fear of laughing in the waiter’s face.

There are other stories, stories funnier to us than they would be to you in the retelling.

Bill had a heart attack earlier in the year. AdventureMan and I were going through career transition issues. It was a time of struggle for both couples, and we were talking about what we were going through as the sun began to set. We all stopped and watched.

“What a beautiful sunset!” AdventureMan said.

There was a pause, as we all watched the last fading rays of the setting sun.

Bill took AdventureMan’s arm and looked at him intensely.

“Every sunset is a beautiful sunset,” he said, and added “when you think you may never see another.”

It changed how we see the sunset. It changed how we see the sunrise. Bill died this last year, having had many more sunsets after our sunset in Florida, and we still miss him grievously.

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L’Heure Bleu

One of my favorite times of the day is the magical time when, as the sun is setting in the west, the colors change from the warm golden shafts of late afternoon to the pink and blues of impending sunset, and then gradually into the blues, blue-violets, purples and indigos of nightfall.

It is never the same two nights in a row. I make it a ritual, when I can, to stop and watch the transformation. I’ve tried photographing the changes, but it is the ephemera of the colors that makes it so magical, not any one given instant.

This is just a tiny tiny part of the great, magnificent whole – the sunset fishers.


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