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Qatar Fields Huge New Traffic Force

This is from, reprinted from Gulf News. I think I is a very cool website, and I am thankful they continue to send me updates:  🙂


A BIG Wooo HOOOOO on Qatar for training and implementing a PROFESSIONAL traffic force. Woooo HOOOOO! I can only hope the laws they will enforce include children in the back seats in car seats and seat belts for every passenger. I pray that part of the training included instructions that traffic rules are to be applied equally and fairly against all nationalities, including citizens.


A new highway patrol police force that will augment the efforts of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) in improving road safety will start work in 2014, it was announced at the graduation of the first batch of the force.

Consisting of 50 officers and cadets, the graduation ceremony of the first batch was held at the headquarters of the Traffic Department. The training programme was implemented by the Northwestern University, Chicago.

The team has received specialised training in enforcing traffic laws and booking common violations like tailgating, use of mobile phones, exceeding speed limits and not wearing seat belts.

The officers also acquired advanced skills in investigation of accidents, modern methods to interrogate drivers, preservation of evidence and making specialised reports on accidents.

According to Traffic Department officials, the new force will use both radar and lidar, a device used to monitor speed using laser.

The officers were also trained on skills needed to manually control traffic flow and its mechanisms in addition to the use of tools and methods for data collection.

The initiative was organised in collaboration between the Ministry of Interior and RasGas in the context of the priority given by the MoI and the National Committee for Traffic Safety (NCTS) to ensure responsible and safe driving.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Traffic Department director Brig Mohamed Saad al-Kharji, NCTS secretary Brig Mohamed Abdullah al-Maliki, traffic safety adviser at MoI Ademola Ilori and Brett Doherty, safety, health, environment & quality chief officer, RasGas.

Speaking on the occasion, al-Kharji said that the new force would support the MoI’s efforts in road safety.

“The new force will monitor and enforce road safety measures on highways. It includes monitoring speed limit, keeping space between vehicles and handling accidents and emergency situations.”

He added that the trainees got theoretical and practical lessons on controlling traffic movement on highways, safe parking and stopping of vehicles on highways as well as training on dealing with the public.

Speaking on the sidelines, al-Kharji said that there was a plan to equip traffic police vehicles with speed radars so they could catch violators while on the move.

He thanked RasGas for its collaboration with the MoI in this initiative and said the move would play a proactive role in reducing traffic accidents.

Al-Maliki said that the initiative came as part of NCTS and thanked RasGas and Northwestern University for their support for the initiative.

He awarded trainees with certificates and exchanged mementos with RasGas and Northwestern University. Gifts and appreciation certificates were awarded for lecturers and translators.

Others present on the occasion were RasGas public affairs manager Abdulla Hashim, Security & Emergency services manager Faisal al-Hajiri, road safety adviser John Cling, safety systems head Jive Price, road safety training head at Northwestern University, Antony Patila.


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General Traffic Department: Don’t Call Till You Reach Your Destination

God Bless ’em. GCC Traffic week will start on March 14 and they have chosen for their theme: Don’t Call Until You Reach Your Destination.

From today’s Arab Times:

GTD completes all preparations for GCC Traffic Week

KUWAIT CITY, March 6: The General Traffic Department (GTD) has completed all the necessary preparations for the GCC Traffic Week, which will be hosted by Kuwait on March 14 under the slogan “Don’t call until you reach your destination”, GTD General Manager General Mohmoud Al-Dousari said in a press release recently. Al-Dousari pointed out “mobile phones are vital communications gadgets, considering the additional services such as the Internet and camera, but there are also disadvantages.”

He said using the mobile phone by hand while driving is one of the major causes of road accidents in the country. Drivers might get distracted while talking over the phone, endangering not only their lives but also that of other road users, he added.

Minister of Interior Sheikh Jaber Al-Khalid Al-Sabah had earlier issued a decision banning the use of mobile phone by hand while driving to protect the lives of motorists, which was implemented since last year, said Al-Dousari. The GCC Traffic Week is aimed at conveying a clear message to the public on the dangers of using mobile phones by hand while driving, as well as encourage the use of other technologies like earphones and Bluetooth.

Al-Dousari revealed the department issued 18,773 citations for using mobile phone while driving. He added Kuwait is one of the most developed countries in the world in terms of traffic regulations, but some drivers are disregarding these rules. Al-Dousari warned the GTD will not tolerate those violating the traffic regulations and advised the public to drive safely and strictly comply with the traffic laws.

I admire General Al-Dousari. God bless him; he gallantly fights a battle for traffic safety in Kuwait. No kidding some drivers are disregarding these rules. Some policemen are disregarding these rules. Some policemen aren’t enforcing these rules. I wonder when the majority of those citations were issued? My bet would be that around 18,000 were issued more than six months ago. Until there is enforcement, this is a losing battle.

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Traffic Update

From today’s Arab Times:

Over 200 citations issued: During a crackdown on traffic law violators on the King Fahd Expressway police patrols have issued 202 citations to reckless motorists. The citations also include motorists caught talking on cell phones without using the ‘hands free’ set and not wearing seat belts, reports Arrouiah daily quoting security sources. The same sources said two motorists have been referred to the Traffic Court and their vehicles have been impounded. They were caught speeding.

Comment . . . only two motorists speeding? 😉

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